Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thoughts on the Drive Home

1. I had a really great birthday. I LOVE birthdays and I don't think I'll ever get bored/sick of celebrating. I will blog about the day's festivities later. Thank you to everyone who called/texted/facebooked/gifted, etc. Which brings me to my next point:
2. Why do people that you don't even know that well send you Happy Birthday messages on facebook? Come on people, we really aren't "friends".
3. UPS drivers are the worst on the interstate. I have actually been secretly boycotting using them due to their bad driving.
4. People are probably saying the same thing about me since I got my Iphone (:-)) and now have the luxury of checking my email while driving.
5. People that are super anxious all the time should not have children.
6. People that are not responsible should not have sex. Quote of the day: "I'm sure I didn't catch anything or have any STD. I pray everyday. So I couldn't get one because I pray every day". ..... Realllly?????
7. I sooo sooo badly want to be in Cleveland to celebrate my pregnant friends with their showers. I feel like I am seriously missing out on life events. Why does airfare have to be so expensive??
8. My husband is one of the most selfless people that I know. Hands down. I'm not really sure how I got so lucky.
9. I turned 27 and officially fell apart. I pulled something in my back and now am wearing a Thermacare heat wrap around my torso. And this is the 2nd time it's happened.
10. Hannah and Brandon's baby shower is Friday night. It's gonna be the most interesting coed Cornerstone shower yet I feel like. I have a part as a cheerleader. I have to learn lines. And get a cheerleading outfit. Enough said about that.
11. How do people have so much time to be on the computer? Like to be on facebook all the time? And to check your email all the time? Maybe I'm just jealous that I don't sit at a desk all day.
12. Tammy Two-Tone is shaking violently lately. This is what happened before that last tire blew out. Please pray for our lives on a daily basis.
13. Denali Dog is getting big. And once we realized he wasn't deaf (only selective hearing:-)), he's proving to be a somewhat smart dog. SOMEWHAT. If we could get this biting thing under control, we'd be good. We also still can't believe that we paid money for him to shed this bad:-)

That's all for now:-)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Boston In Pictures

Here is a look at our anniversary get-away to Boston. (A timeline in pictures basically)

We flew out of Newport News Thurs. morning at 7:00am. This allowed us to to be in Boston by 8:30am and enjoy a full day of action. The first thing we did was grab a famous cinnamon roll from this place that was featured on the Food Network.

Then we hit the Freedom Trail, a walking historical tour through the city....

That night was Adam's treat for the trip...

After a busy day, we headed to our B&B for some sleep, Aisling B&B

Day 2: Harvard

We met up with my second cousin Chrissy and her husband for dinner in the Italian District

And paid tribute to a legend

haha. just kidding. this picture was just too great.

Spent the night with the Testaverde's and was shown around Gloucester, MA (It is known for 2 things: The Perfect Storm & the teenage "pregnancy pact"

So glad we got to hang out with these guys!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Be Nice to Me, I Gave Blood Today

If you've ever donated blood before, you realize that once you donate, you are suckered in for life. The blood bank employees (Va Blood Services up here) literally STALK you with phone calls week after week until finally you cave in and donate again... which can be once every 2 months I learned tonight. While giving blood is definitely not my most favorite activity in the world, I really do think it is for a good cause.
Since Thursdays are my day off, I actually had a moment to sit down and watch afternoon TV. (We don't have cable so those options are limited). Dr. Oz happened to be on and the show was focused on a free clinic they ran one day in Houston. They showed stories of these uninsured Americans with real life-threatening conditions that didn't have access to healthcare simply because they didn't have health insurance. These people weren't lazy. They were educated. Had families. Many worked multiple jobs and many were simply not approved for insurance due to their "preexisting conditions". These were AMERICANS, not just illegal immigrants.
I literally sat on the couch and wept for a solid 30 minutes. Adam walked in and thought something horrible had happened. My heart was so broken for these people that are not given the same rights that all people should be entitled to. I got angry, but I also got inspired that one day I might be able to work for something with an amazing purpose like that.
So I know it was a small step, but Adam and I went and gave blood this afternoon. It was his very first time and he did wonderful:-) The fingerprick is still the worst part to me and you better believe I'll take the free Little Debbie snacks at the end, but I really believe that even the small steps can help save someone's life. So as my sticker says, "Be Nice to Me, I Gave Blood Today".

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

2 Years and Counting

I can't believe that Adam and I have been married 2 years! The time has flown by and I feel like it was yesterday that we were shoving cake in each other's faces and moving to Virginia! We celebrated big time over the weekend with a really great 3-day trip to Boston. (Pictures and details to be posted later). But yesterday, October 6, was our official anniversary and with it falling on a weekday and Adam leaving for Atlanta at 4:30 AM this morning, we enjoyed a delicious dinner and dessert at Millie's Diner in Richmond. And of course when we got home we sat and watched the video of the actual ceremony:-) No tears this time!

Happy Anniversary Adam! These have been the best 2 years of my life and I can't wait for 62 more:-)