Sunday, June 28, 2009

Finally, a Day at the Beach!

Thankfully, my parents have always been the kind for family vacations. Growing up, we always went to the Outer Banks every year, usually for the week of the 4th of July. Those vacation spots have now expanded to Hilton Head or certain remote parts of Florida... all with the only requirements being that the beach be as relaxing and with as few people as possible. If you've ever been to the Outer Banks, you can agree that it's the most relaxing place on earth. Large beaches, amazing homes with hammocks and hot tubs, biking everywhere, lighthouses, no hotels in sight, and even the occasional wild horse.
VA Beach is not like that:-)
Sadly this year, I will be foregoing my vacation time for a missions trip in late July. So when the chance to go to the beach for a Saturday with the young adults at church came up, you can bet that I hopped on board. However much fun we had "riding the waves" and getting sun, this beach is different. I'd even like to go as far as to call it the Gatlinburg of beaches. Think hotels, boardwalks, millions of people, greasy food, and tourist shops on every corner. It was a great place to people watch and some of my favorites were the 300+lb woman "riding" one of those blow-up whales, the teenage couple making out in the water under the boardwalk... with their jeans on, the older ladies that probably shouldn't be wearing the diamond encrusted bathing suit they probably got when they were 20, and the millions of precious little kids shrieking everytime the waves crashed in on them. The best part of the day was that I even got to read a book for fun (I'm trying to get through "My Sister's Keeper" so I can go see the movie). Minus the missed sunscreen spot on my lower back, the day was great and much needed for this summer.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Ultimate Youth Pastor

Check this video out about the ultimate youth pastor. If you have any part in youth ministry, you will definitely appreciate it:-)
(It's a little long, but well worth it:-))

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Prayer Request for Bam

For those that don't know, my grandmother on my dad's side is affectionately known as "Bam". (My grandfather was "Doda" as if that makes any more sense:-)) She had a small bout with bladder cancer a couple of years and did really well with that. Recently, she has been feeling very nauseous and sick and her doctor actually found a lump in her groin. After the biopsy, we just got the confirmation that the bladder cancer was back and now it has spread to some other areas of her pelvis. The doctor wasn't very giving with a good prognosis, and the only option at this point is chemotherapy. Now I'm asking anyone that reads this to please pray for her. Of course I am asking for complete healing from the Lord for her body, but at the same time I am asking for strength for this new chapter of chemo. She is 81 years old and I know this is going to be very tough on her body. I love my grandmother and it's killing me that we don't live closer to TN where I could help out with things. This does, however, give me more of an opportunity to lift her up in prayer. Thanks guys.

In the wise words of my friend Courtney, you can't put the power of God in a box:-)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Catch Up Time

I feel like I can safely say that these past 3 weeks or so have been some of the busiest, most exhausting days since we have been married. Between graduations, graduation parties, cookouts, youth events, birthdays, work, church.... it has been a whirlwind. I mean, I can't say most of it hasn't been fun, but there is something to be said when I haven't cooked a homemade meal in over 3 weeks and the laundry that was washed two weeks ago is still sitting nicely in the dryer. I leave the house in the morning and usually don't come home until 10:30 or 11. Can anybody else relate to this???? Does it ever get better??? Maybe the more important question is-- How can we start saying no to things? (Any tips would be appreciated:-)) But enough whining....
We did have the opportunity to go home to Cleveland Memorial Day weekend for Scott's graduation and also for Katie's shower. I was so looking forward to this weekend because it was full of friends and family. Here are some of my highlights of the trip:

Watching my baby brother graduate from high school! I realize that it's expected this day and age to graduate, but I still think it's a neat way to end one chapter in your life and start the next. He is going to go to Lee next year for anyone who's wondering:-)

Watching Scott and Brandon's face as they opened their personalized Taylor Swift photographs. They message reads, "I love Scott" & "I love Brandon" Thank you Emily Evans!

Finding out that my very best friend is pregnant!! Courtney surprised all of her family and some of mine with their big announcement. It was so fun to watch everyone's faces! Congratulations John and Courtney!!

Getting to spend an entire weekend with alllll of my extended family (on my dad's side at least). I absolutely love the Douglas family and had a blast catching up with everyone

Getting to throw Katie's lingerie shower! I had some really great pictures from the day but I decided my friends would hate me if I posted them:-) Let's just say we got to use our imaginations that day:-)

Spending time with Katie before she moves to the far off land of New Jersey!! She won't be there anymore when I come home to visit but thank goodness for weddings and TN10 vacations!

Other highlights without pictures:
-Breakfast with the quad pod at the Cracker Barrel. We've had some crazy discussions at that place but it always reminds me of these girls.
-Getting to see Abby's NEW house and helping her pick out paint colors. I hope I wasn't too overbearing in my decision-making..:-)
-The best quote by Abby: "Your family is so great. They are just like mine except they cuss and drink beer!" :-)
- Getting a 4 day weekend from work!! Nothing could be better!