Monday, August 23, 2010

Cornerstone Changes

The winds of change have definitely been blowing around Cornerstone lately. In mid-July, Pastor Wayne announced that he and Mrs. Diane would be moving to San Jose, California where he will be a missions pastor/church planter at one of his best friend's churches. At the time of the announcement, it felt like we still had a million years to spend with them before they left, and now, BLINK, it's their final week here at Cornerstone. You can't help but feel excited for this next chapter in their lives, but it is so bittersweet. Pastor Wayne is not only Adam's boss (and the best boss he will probably ever have:-)), but him and Diane, whether they wanted it or not, have become unbelievable mentors to us. They are our imaginary "Chester parents" and a large reason that Adam accepted the job up here in the first place. It's also a big loss to the Richmond community, as they have been very strong leaders here for over 22 years. That's considered a very long time to pastor ONE church. My heart also goes out to our friends, Timothy and Jessica, since they are their "real parents" :-). I can't imagine my parents moving across the country and I know that would be hard. These past couple of weeks have been filled with goodbye meals and tearful sermons. It's been meaningful opportunities to show the Mancaris just how much we love them.
But with change, always comes excitement of what's to come. It's very clear that the Lord's hand is upon our church. Last night our church unanimously voted for Pastor Shawn, our associate pastor, to take the job as head pastor. Adam's role won't change, but he'll probably gain some additional responsibilities. And with all this change, I've accepted the job as head lyrical dance pastor. HAHA yeah right! I only WISH there was that position :-)
We leave for our Mediterranean cruise on the Mancari's last Sunday. It'll be weird to come back in a few weeks and everything will be different. But in the famous words of P.Wayne, "How fun!" :-)

The "How Fun" gang at the Dauber Dash

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Greatest In-Laws

I just wanted to take a quick moment to wish a "Happy 30th Anniversary" to the greatest in-laws ever! I always knew growing up that I had wonderful parents/role models to look up to, but when I met Adam's parents, I really understood that God gave me a double blessing. From the moment I met the Reusses, they loved me and took me in. I consider myself so truly blessed to be able to have loving, Christian in-laws to share my life with. And of course they produced my amazing husband!

To Teri: Thank you for loving both Adam and I unconditionally. I love your enthusiasm for life and your Godly character. I admire your prayer life and I appreciate that you will travel to the ends of the earth for your family. I also thank you for loving me and accepting me wholeheartedly into your family:-)

To Brent: Thank you for being such a Godly example to Adam growing up. I can rest assured that he won't stray from the ways of his upbringing because of the example you gave him. I appreciate you for your organization:-) and also for your hard work. Because of working so hard, you are able to take us to all the cool places that we traveled to as a family.

I love you both so much and of course Adam does too:-) Can't wait to celebrate in Greece in less than 2 weeks!!!