Monday, December 13, 2010

Let's Try This Whole Blogging Thing Again

Well, it's been a busy couple of months around here considering my last blog post was at the beginning of October. Once you stop blogging, it's incredibly hard to get started again. I just felt like nothing going on was very earth-shattering blog worthy:-) And this post will be nothing exceptional- Just a catch-up:-)

Obviously, it's Christmas time and this has been the hardest year for me EVER to try and get in the Christmas spirit. I think after losing my grandmother in February, I was dreading this holiday because I knew it was going to be emotional and sad. We are going to try our best to make it fun and enjoyable while still honoring Bam, and Adam and I will be heading to TN to share a few days with my parents. Unfortunately I don't get off work until 12/23 and so it will be a very quick weekend visit.

Here are some Reuss Christmas tidbits:
-We decorated our first REAL Christmas tree last weekend and I must say, it's quite beautiful:-) This has been Adam's plea since we got married and since I'm sometimes ridiculously frugal, this was our first one. I'm now not so sure that we will ever go back to a fake one!
-All my Christmas cards (except for a few) are out in the mail today! I absolutely LOVE Christmas cards- giving and receiving!! I seriously think that I start thinking of them in June.
-I managed to start my Christmas shopping this past weekend. (Very late, I know). We had a mini family reunion of my mom's side in Northern VA this weekend and it was so fun! My uncle and his family recently moved from California to this side of the country and we were never able to spend alot of time with them growing up. Now that we're all grown up, it's a blast to hang out together. We spent Friday in D.C. touring the Capitol (thanks to my friend, Jess!), Saturday visiting the Air and Space Museum and shopping, and then Sunday at my uncle's fun church followed by a "Posh Christmas" vendor show where my aunt Jody had a table selling handmade aprons and yummy baked goodies. My goal is to finish my Christmas shopping this week and be able to enjoy Christmas week.
-I had to take my first sick day from work today. I hadn't missed a day in almost 2 years but I felt a throat/fatigue thing coming on yesterday and when I woke up today, I knew that my patients would not want me coming near them. So I called in, slept until 11, and decided to start my Christmas baking tonight. I know everybody gets overloaded with sweets during this time of the year, and I feel like contributing to their weight gain:-) We also received our first snowfall of the year today! I think we maybe got about a 1/2 inch or so but it's stuck and it looks beautiful! Not a bad day to be off work.

So anyways, that's my Christmas update! I will try to do a better job blogging even though nobody probably reads this thing anymore except for my mom and Aunt Barb:-)