Sunday, February 22, 2009

Step by Step, oh baby, gonna get to you girrrrrrrlllll!

Step 1: We can have lots of fun!
Step 2: There's so much we can do!
Step 3: It's just you and me!
Step 4: I can give you more!
Step 5: Don't you know that the time is right???!?!!

Now for those of you faithful fans out there, you know exactly what I am talking about. New Kids on the Blocks. Jordan, Joey, Jon, Danny, and Donny. Step by Step. Hanging Tough. The Right Stuff. Some of the best memories of my childhood involved these guys (I might be slightly exaggerating here). Sleepovers with my NKOTB sleeping bag, playing with my NKOTB Barbie-like dolls, kissing Joey's picture goodnight at my friend Lexie's house, cutting out pictures of the guys from Teen Beat (and then organizing them into separate folders), skating around Courtney's garage to their music... I'm gonna stop there. The keyword , however, is "memories". I don't feel the need for this reinventing of New Kids on the Block. Why not let the memories linger pleasantly in my mind:-) The other morning on the radio they were giving away free concert tickets for their upcoming reunion tour and you would have thought they were giving away free tickets to Europe. Grown women were calling in screaming.
But does this make me less of a true New Kids on the Block fan? Is it ok to think grown men should not call themselves "kids"? Is it ok that I prefer to keep their songs on my 80's/90's playlist on my Ipod? Is it ok that I don't want to hear 30 year old men sing creepy lyrics about half-naked girls in the summertime? After much deliberation and soul-searching, I think it IS ok. And the next time I hear my boys sing "Hey girl, can I get your number", I'm going to have to say no.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Weekend

I think Valentine's Day and all things associated with it (well, all except boxed chocolates and stuffed animals) is great. This year I decided to have Valentine's weekend. My goal was to have an all-things Adam and Shawn weekend. Weekdays can be soo stressful and with my new job, I cherish the weekend. So here's a run-down of our weekend: Friday night we went out to eat for our nice dinner at Maggiano's. Keep in mind that our reservation wasn't until 9:30 (Adam was a little delayed in making reservations:-)) But dinner was awesome and we had a great time. Saturday morning consisted of sleeping late and homemade blueberry pancakes at 11:30am. We then decided to take Ellie, the Franco's chocolate lab that we were dog-sitting for the weekend, to Belle Isle for some walking and swimming in the river (her, not us:-)) We went with another couple who has a dog and it made the dog-fever even hotter. (Insert random thought: Adam just sat down and put the "Find Pets" section of the newspaper down in front of me...Too bad he was looking for used cars on the back:-( ) When we got home, we exchanged gifts. Adam got me flowers (that he arranged himself), a red pair of my favorite Nike running shorts and mountain biking gloves (how romantic:-)). I got him the The Love Dare book from the movie Fireproof and a very cute sweater:-) We decided to go see a movie that night and saw He's Just Not Into You (or whatever it is called.. I never get it right). The other option was to see Twilight in the old $2 theatre downtown, which had specially balcony seating for "couples only" on V-Day- haha. We went with Option 1. Anyways, the movie was cute, with lots of famous faces in it, but I didn't think it had the world's greatest view on marriage. I did, however, inspire a new haircut which I am going to attempt to have my hairdresser try on Thursday (stay tuned for more). So anyways, that was our Valentine's Weekend 2009. I'm still married to the most romantic husband who makes every little thing special and I'm thankful for our relaxing time together.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!!

The other day it hit me while I was in the Christian bookstore. I realized that my parents 30th wedding anniversary was January 12 and being the horrible daughter that I am, I never properly acknowledged what an accomplishment this truly is. It's definitely not the norm anymore for parents to stay together and I am so proud that mine have! I thank them for this example and in honor of this momentous event:-), here are the 30 reasons that I am thankful for my parents: (in no particular order)
1. For making me and Scott 8 years apart. 8 years as an only child was awesome:-)
2. Sitting at countless tennis matches, softball games, basketball games, baseball games, ballet recitals...I could go on and on with this one
3. For dad secretly letting Courtney and me ride in the back of the truck to Dairy Queen
4. For buying me my very first car (the 93 Camry), then giving me the trooper when I wrecked the Camry, and then finally letting me have the 4 Runner as a graduation gift
5. For paying for my dream wedding
6. For not being TOO much in my business but ALWAYS being there for me at the right times
7. For moving me in and out of numerous houses and apartments
8. For building/sewing/crafting/painting/molding anything I can ever dream up
9. For always taking the verbal abuse if I've had a bad day
10. For making it a priority to take family vacations every year (usually to the Outer Banks or Snowshoe... you guys aren't much for changing it up:-))
11. Allowing opportunities to be around extended family as much as possible
12. For letting me believe in Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy
13. For being at church EVERY Sunday morning..bright and early at the 8 o'clock
14. For welcoming Adam into our family with open arms
15. Having family dinner every night at 6:00
16. For paying for me to go to college and supporting me financially through grad school
17. For always telling me how pretty I am.... even with braces, frizzy hair, acne (you get the idea)
18. For never claiming to know things they don't
19. For raising me in Tennessee... and NOT New Jersey or New York:-)
20. Sending me to public school, even though I always thought I wanted to go to private
21. For allowing me to have freedom in high school to hang out with friends and learn my own mistakes
22. For always being a phone call away
23. For always having brownies on hand when I come home from being far away
24. For living in the same house I was raised in (for 23ish years!)
25. For letting me stay with Bam and Doda after school when I was growing up
26. For having dogs.... NOT CATS!
27. For your involvement and generosity with the schools and the Cleveland community
28. For attending every awards banquet we ever were invited to
29. Always making sure I have cash on me:-)
30. For always letting me, Scott, and Adam know how much we are loved!

These are just a few of the reasons, but I just wanted to tell you guys how much I love you! Happy (late) Anniversary!!