Thursday, March 26, 2009

Meet Tammy!!!!

drumroll please)
I would like everyone to meet the new addition to our family: Tammy!
Tammy Two-Tone that is. ISN'T SHE BEAUTIFUL?!?!?!

Now let me explain. Putting almost 1000 miles a week on my 4-Runner was not cutting it anymore, so Adam and I have been shopping around for a "ghetto-commuter car". And look what we found:-) Tammy is a 1998 Hyundai Accent, has 137,000 miles on her, and is perfect for driving to and from work. No power windows or power, she shakes when she reaches 70mph, only an AM/FM radio (no cd/tape player), and a horn that sounds like someone is throwing up. The BEST part about the whole situation, though, is that she is TOTALLY two-toned. I mean, how many people can say they drive a purple car with a silver hood? Not many:-) We literally laugh out loud every time that we get in to drive her. And yesterday was the first time in my life that I have ever had to have somebody jump my car (Since there is no "dinging" noise that reminds you to turn off your lights, they were left on all day at work, resulting in a dead battery-and only the 2nd time I had driven her to work). But Tammy brings a life lesson with her: humility (and I am being really serious). Now please don't think I am being snobby, but I have always had a nice car. You couldn't have paid me money to drive something similiar in high school or maybe even college. But I'm noticing something changing in me (that I know still needs ALOT more work)-- I am starting to focus less on material things and more on things that are really important. It's a slow process, but I believe Tammy is really helping me out with this. It's really teaching me that it doesn't matter how the world views you on the outside, it's about what your heart looks like. And I believe Tammy is helping me out with this:-)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Unlucky Weekend!

This past weekend I was able to fly home to TN for a quick weekend visit. I knew it was going to be rushed and packed full of family and friends but I was up for the challenge. Now normally I am a pretty organized, on-top-of-things, non-clumsy, not unlucky person. This weekend, however, was the farthest thing from that! Here is the woeful tales of my clumsy weekend:-)
-Friday night: I left work at 5pm and had until 7:25pm when my flight was departing. The airport was only an hour away (according to Mapquest). Traffic was rough, the DC airport was insanely busy, and I checked in late enough for them to tell me it was too late to check a bag. (Thankfully I was carrying on!)Security took forever and I was THAT late person on the flight where everyone watches you walk down the aisle glaring at you and wondering how someone could be so unprepared. Let me also mention that somewhere in the shuffle I lost my parking ticket that told me what lot I parked in and when I entered it.
-Friday night on the way home: My wonderful friends Katie, Abby, and Courtney came to the ATL airport to pick me up. On the way home, it was raining and a big wreck happened literally 20 feet ahead of us. Courtney was the 1st person to call 911! (Granted this event was no related to my clumsiness, but it still happened!)
-Saturday night we were sitting around the dinner table and my brother threw a nerf ball at me. Of course I threw it back at him (missing him) and hit one of my mom's hurricane vases. This being the 3rd one that either Scott or I have broken.
-Sunday afternoon: I went over Abby & Katie's apartment and being the good patron that I am, saw empty parking spaces but still decided to park on the side, in the mud. The minute I pulled in, I realized that I was not going to be coming out easily. Brad & Steve attempted with no avail. Thankfully Cameron's brother came to our rescue with his jeep and helped pull me out. (Keep in my mind, this is all happening in a parking lot)
-Sunday night at the airport: I make my 1st flight to Charlotte without problems. I rush to my connecting flight and realize it is 2 hours late! This makes the departure time 12:30 AM (due to mechanical problems). So me and my fellow passengers wait in the airport together for >3 hours late in the night. We ended up taking off at 2:15 AM, arriving at 3:30. I finally arrived at Tim & Jessica's apartment at 4:40 am, slept from 5-7, and had a complete work day! It was pretty rough!

Now I hope you don't think I am being pessimistic, because I am really had a wonderful weekend. It just felt like everything I touched was falling apart:-) I think this is how my friend Paula feels all the time:-)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Snow Day!

Since Adam and I really don't watch the news all that much, we found out Sunday morning that apparently it was supposed to snow later that night. Of course, skeptical as always about snow, we didn't believe it and all I could think about was how I was in for a rough drive to work Monday morning. Well the heavens opened up and God proved our skeptical hearts wrong! We had about 1 1/2 inches Sunday night and woke up to a winter wonderland Monday morning. We got a total of 4 1/2 inches! Now I know all you northerners are laughing at us right now but I don't care! Adam and I both got off work that day and Chesterfield Co. schools ended up being closed for 3 days! Hannah and Brandon called early that morning and like giddy school kids, we headed out for some sledding. For lunch we came in for some homemade soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, and homemade cookies (we had made the night before to celebrate the snow:-)) We had such a blast the whole day and I realized I want to be a teacher so I can get out for more snow days! Here are some pictures of our day of fun!

Sunday night playing in the snow

4 1/2 inches!!

Adam helping the neighborhood kids build a ramp for snowboarding (in our front yard:-))

Check out my skills

Our hill of glory:-)

Snow beards

The bottom of our hill had an awful bank that stopped us

We took a little break for some of Chester's finest graffiti:-)

Jonny, Kate, and Sunny