Saturday, January 30, 2010

8 inches, baby!

So this is what our welcomed snow day consisted of:
Breakfast of cinnamon rolls and coffee: 12:15pm
Watching 2 episodes of 24: 1-3
Chores/Home Improvenment activities: 4-6
Taking Denali Dog for a walk: 7pm

Oh, I HAD to put this picture on here! Since Denali's fur is basically the equivalent of velcro when it comes to snow, Adam had the brilliant idea of putting real socks on his feet to prevent the snow from sticking. It was hilarious!

Dinner of chicken noodle soup and beer bread: 8:15

Watching "Australia" next to my homemade fire: whatever time it is now

It's amazing that when you can't leave the house, you finally give yourself permission to relax!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sometimes I Wish I Could Go Back

This past weekend Adam and I made a very quick trip to Tennessee for a special reason. We had gotten a phone call on Thursday night that told us my brother, Scott, had gotten the vote for Chi. This is always a cool thing and especially cool because his brother-in-law (my husband:-)) probably had a large hand in Scott choosing Chi. Apparently his sister's bias had zero influence:-) To anybody outside of the Lee Bubble, our "Greek clubs" are crazy. And I'm so thankful that I married someone who could understand this craziness. But to anybody that's ever been a part of them-- it totally consumes your life during college and it's SO worth it. The friendships that you make, the life lessons it teaches you, and of course the cool jerseys that you get to wear every Monday were definitely highlights of my time at Lee. You're not the first person to be in the club or the last, but you'll always be a part of the legacy that that club is. I'm excited for Scott and partially jealous because sometimes I wish we could all go back 5 years (or however long it's been) and have that much fun again. Getting to watch a sampling of DZT's induction on Saturday brought back that feeling, but also made me realize that you do grow up and life does go on after Lee and yes, even after induction:-). I'm so thankful for my time at Lee, but I think I'm doing alright where I'm at too.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Crickets and Dance Parties

So I'm sitting here on Sunday afternoon exhausted, body sore, eating a hot dog. Since my boss decides not to celebrate MLK day, I do not get the privilege of a three day weekend like most of you. For that reason, I had to come back a day early from our youth Winter Advance this weekend. I thought I would be excited to come back a day early and be able to regenerate and take a nap and everything else glorious that comes with being at home by yourself for a day. But I'm not. I'm sooo wanting to be back up in Keiseltown, VA with the kids (and of course my husband). We had such a great weekend. We took about 55 kids and 15 adults into the mountains for a weekend to advance in their relationships with God. And it worked:-) We had an awesome speaker from Camp Lurecrest (where Adam used to work), we played ridiculous games (of which the #1 reason I'm sore all over and also why I spit a live cricket out of my mouth!), ate home-cooked meals from our awesome cooks, made only 1 trip to the ER (for a leader:-)), and closed last night with the best dance party I've ever seen including the coolest girls to the "geekiest" boys. And as far as I know, we had at least 1 girl who gave her life to Christ! Those are the moments where I am so proud of my husband and what he does on a daily basis for those teenagers. I love that God has called me to work with teenagers and I can't beleive that I'm sitting at home wishing I was with them!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's That Time Again

I feel so inspired by reading everyone's blogposts about their highlights of 2009 and resolutions of 2010. I love so much that we have a God that gives us new beginnings every year and even every day. Even though there are times of doubt and loneliness, we know that no matter what, God is in control. And no matter how much we strive for in a new year, God is ultimately the one who is going to guide our steps. Sometimes I like that, sometimes I don't:-) I will give you some of my goals and resolutions for this new year but first I need to highlight some of my favorite Christmas moments:
-Traveling to TN a day early to surprise my parents
-introducing Denali Dog to all my family (he's like our kid, ok?)
-Meeting SO MANY new babies! Rader Jackson Brose, Charleston Graham Sluder, and Jodie Ann Baldwin. I fell in love with each of them.
-Having another Christmas with my grandmother and watching her put on her TN Snuggie Scott gave her Christmas morning:-)
-Not having to rush around and see a gazillion people (just the ones that mattered:-))
-Visiting with Holly H. on her route home to Ga.
-Winning at Domino's:-)
-Eating enough 3 Layer cookies to last through 2010 and then having my mom make me a special batch just for the plane ride home.
-Christmas morning at Bams with every single family member on my dad's side. I adore this family.
-Having Adam's parents come and visit last week and exchange presents. His sister Rachel was even in town from Colorado.
-The new 6 person HUGE kitchen table we bought at a steal of a deal:-) We also obtained an enormous living room rug for another steal.
-Watching Scott show off his potato gun... ridiculous.
-Getting to sleep in and come downstairs every morning for some sort of a homemade breakfast, usually cinnamon rolls:-)

The Christmas decorations are finally coming down today. I'm over it and now ready for the new year! And here are the resolutions I promised earlier:
Last years resolution was to read the Bible in one year. Granted I still have about 7 days left to read, I'm considering it an accomplished goal. I really did learn so much that I never knew! But I was definitely a time-consuming goal. This year I am making up for things that were neglected last year. I plan on journaling much much more and also blogging more. I don't exactly LOVE writing but I know it's good for me.

Praying more as a couple. Adam and I realize that we are more in sync when we pray together as a couple and not just individually. This also includes being less selfish and praying for other people more.

I want white, clean teeth this year! I know this one sounds a little superficial compared to the last two but this is really a goal. For a girl that has had braces 2 lengthy times in her life, I want to get them permanently straight and whitened this year. I also agree with Lisa and am adding flossing to the list:-)

Every year I look forward to new travel and this year is no different. (Does it mean something when I'd rather be traveling then be at home??) On tap this year: a medical missions trip to Guatemala with Lee University, a vacation with the Douglases to the Outer Banks, TN 10 Vacation (possibly also the Outer Banks), and a hopeful trip to Greece with the Reusses. Not to mention since my boss now gave me off every other Friday, I get three day weekends 2 weekends a month! Short term trips include hopefully going to see my friend Hope and a trip to Nashville and Vegas!

And of course the obvious. Adam and I have gotten fat and lazy these past few months and while it's been fun, the fun must come to an end. The annual Monument 10K will be in March again and it's time to start training for that. yuck. I'm already dreading it.

Of course all this is subject to change:-) God knows my heart and He knows where I would love to be by the end of the year. We will just have to wait and see:-)