Saturday, January 8, 2011

Biscuits N'Gravy

My husband asked me out on a date last night to one of my favorite restaurants in Richmond, Comfort. It's one of my favorite restaurants because it is a glorified Cracker Barrel. And anyone that knows me, knows the way to my heart is the Crack House. When given a food choice, I know that I am ALWAYS going to lean towards anything fried, buttered, or "southern". Fried okra, hashbrown casserole, mac n cheese, biscuits and gravy, chicken tenders, bacon, pound cake, sweet tea...


Of course I'm being partly dramatic, but Southern food really is the best. I know that my cholesterol thinks it's the best, too. On a sidenote, I often wonder what Paula Deen's cholesterol is... I'm not really sure where I inherited this passion for all things bad for me. I believe the only thing my New Jersey mom has ever fried was green beans. And I know my New York dad disapproves of these eating habits since I was scolded about 25 times on our recent family vacation for eating cookies. (That's a whole other issue...)

Everyone is passionate about their own type of food. You get near the South though, and that's what you're gonna get. Did you know that Mississippi is the fattest state in the U.S? I can guarantee that they enjoy their share of fried chicken, greens, and mashed potatoes. But before you sit there getting too smug, did you know that Tennessee and Alabama actually tie for 2nd place? That's really sad and it's a good thing I don't live in TN anymore:-)

Anyways, I just felt like sharing my passion for Southern food today. Any new recipes are always appreciated. Just don't tell my dad:-)

Here's a picture from our date night. It was snowing a ton during our dinner in Richmond. Unfortunately when we got back to Chester, it was just rain.

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